here is a real page on facts about the american short haired cat incase you wodered about tapsule and crickets kind!!


The American Shorthair cat is a medium to large sized cats, with powerful legs and strong paws. The American Shorthair's muzzle is squarish. Their coat is short and the fur being thick, dense, and stiff to protect them from cold, moisture, and superficial skin injuries. The American Shorthair's coat thickens up in the winter and sheds in the spring but still remains lighter and slimmer than its close cousin, the British Shorthair. American Shorthair cats are very affectionate, long-living, and disinclined to behavioral problems; they get along well with other family members, including dogs. The American Shorthair cat is also an excellent hunter, but their sunny and gentle disposition make it ideal for families with small children. Shorthair cats tend to get overweight very easily.

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