Bart Simpson
Bart simpson
One of Bart's promotional images.
Vital statistics
Age 10
Gender Male
Nationality I DUNNO!
Town of birth HOW CAN I VERIFY THIS???
Current location Springfield, USA
Occupation N/A
Parents Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson.
Siblings Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson.
Love interests Well. As of now who knows. Why you askin' the girl with no cable?
Pessimist or optimist? This category was just a joke for my page... XD

If you have never watched the simpsons then you need to know this information. Bart Simpson is a young boy and is the son of Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson and has two sisters,  his loving sister Lisa and his baby sister Maggie. Lisa plays saxaphone and is very smart, Maggie is a baby and sucks her dummy all the time.

Bart is by far the best character in "The Simpsons" and the best character period. He is very funny and quite the charmer.His catchphrase is, "Eat my shorts!" and he is often saying and doing inappropriate things, like pulling his pants down. His father Homer sometimes chokes him to punish him when Bart annoys him, and he says, "Why you little-!" and strangles him

Bart has yellow skin and spikey hair, and he often wears an orange/red shirt and blue shorts.

Bart is funny, charming and rude!! mooooooooo

Bart Loves The Big E!

He loves her so much he wrote it 10 times. :)

More Bart PicturesEdit

Bart simpson



Bart being cute. :P

Bart 3

Hey Evelyn. Sup? :)

Bart 2

Bart being sneaky again!

Bart 1

Young Bart looking around.

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Bart smiling while he's talking on the phone to Evelyn. :)

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