Evelyn [last name censored]
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One of the better pictures of me.
Vital statistics
Age Less than 15
Gender Apparently, female.
Nationality 100% American. (Boring, much?)
Height Around 5 5"
Town of birth Baltimore
Current location NEAR Baltimore, will not say exactly for safety purposes.
Occupation Middle schooler
Parents Mom, Dad
Siblings Sam
Love interests Well well well. Look who's trying to solicit personal information. (Not telling. Sucks for you XD)
Pessimist or optimist? White. LOL reference to Funny Quotes!

It is me! The daughter of Tina and Matt, Evelyn! I love pie, and I live in Maryland.

About meEdit

Some people call me 'The Big E'. My brother is Sam. My friends are Brianna, Bethany, Olivia, and Avery, even though my best freinds are online, and a few others. I used to love Bart Simpson from "The Simpsons," but now I love Kenny McCormick form "South Park". get yer facts straight, matt and stefanie. I have 1 pet cat, Tapsule, and Cricket, who passed away. and 1 dog, Marcey. I adore my pets! I also have an account on Webkinz and Club Penguin, but i cancelled mine of club penguin, and webkinz did soemthing to make me made, so i hardly ever use it anymore. I am not that smart of a person who has anxiety problems! I am also very nice, but underappreciated in my opnion. :)

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Fan questions!!! :)Edit

Brianna: What is your favorite color? Evelyn: Green

Brianna: What is your favorite food? Evelyn: Sushi, but taco are close

Brianna: Why is your favorite color green? Evelyn: It is the color of nature the ocean in Playa Del Carmen also because it is my moms favorite color and the last and favorite reason why i like green is because its the color of Ferb's hair!!!!!!!!

Stefanie: What are your other favourite shows besides Phineas and Ferb?

Evelyn: I really like Spongebob, but I didn't want him to win KCA's like he did AGAIN! He needs to give someone else a chance. Also, I watch The Simpsons, because it's a funny show and so I can see my ex-boyfriend Bart Simpson!! but my curent favorite show is south park, so i can see Kenny!! ♥♥

Stefanie: Besides singer what other jobs would you be interested in doing?

Evelyn: i could be a vet since i love animals0. tapsule typed the 0. as a teenager i could work at a mcdonalds drive-thru. i have one practically in my neighborhood. hey! i can listen to music all day and work on the computer1 my mom, dad, and grandparents will pay me! i'll do that! however, if im interested in doing something im actually good at, perhaps i should look into bing a meteorologist, or working at the storm prediction center, my parents say i'd be a good meteorologist. i was also told by some online poll that i could be a mental health specialist, then i did the same poll the next day, and i guess it changed its mind. i didnt see it. (did i really change THAt much in two days? :/ ) which is sad becaus ei kinda wanna help people. :P

Info file Edit

Gender: Female

Age: less than 14

Height: ABOUT 5 5"

Instruments I know how to play: Viola

Preferred job: meteorologist, possibly psychologist or something along those lines. 

What friends call me: The Big E, ev, emily/eleven (these 2 are common mistakes) evelano.

Dad name: Matt

Mom name: Tina

Brother name: Sam

Pet names: Tapsule, Cricket (used to be) and Marcy

boyfriend: i do have one, but if you dont already know, its either because you don't need to know, or it wont be of interest because you don't know him. 

Younger memoriesEdit

Born in Maryland and curently lives there. When I was 13 I started liking Kenny. I have not been to any concerts that I know of. My family was born and raised in Maryland and all my family still lives there. Some insteresting things I can do is roll my eyes in different directions and flip over my tongue completely. I go to a beach house in Aug. that my grandparents rent. It is fun my cousins come along with us. There are 5 other people my age living in my neighborhood the first one I met was Jack, he is one year older than me but close enough. Brianna moved in my neighborhood in 2009.

Summer adventures Edit

My mom usually tries to take me to theme parks and stuff, but I dont want to. I prefer going camping and going to the beach, however, i have developed a dislike for going, well, anywhere. The only suckish thing about going to the beach is the long drive. my beach house is in Delaware. I love Delaware therefore I want to be called "Delaware girl" other than that stuff, I dont like going anywhere else.  I AM a Phoenix, so I've been to space to foreign planets. loljk. also, i like to got to my bay house.
Photo on 8-18-12 at 1.50 PM

me on the porch at my bay house

Things I like to do nowEdit

I like to sell stuff in my front yard especially for cancer awareness. if i could find some program for anxiety i would DEFINATLY do it. I also enjoy going swimming. Brianna sometimes likes to come swim in my pool. I also try the best I can to make my friends happy, unless i am not happy.  I also like to help my mom tend the garden in the backyard in the summer. Fresh foods are YUMMY!!! unles its broccoli eww.  I also like when I am sleeping my pet cat jumps on me.. I also like to go to Foreign planets as a phoenix. Its really cool even though some peope don't believe me. nasty nasty non-belivers :P My dead pet cat Cricket used to be deaf but I like it when she runs to me. She can probably hear loud fireworks but thats prabobly it. She used to hate me when I pulled her tail but nowww... she loves me. I also love going to the beach. I like to practice singing for when I am famous. I am already kind of a good singer.

As an adultEdit

When I grow up I want to be a.... didnt i already state what career i wanted above? XD who i want to marry is currently unknown. I want my family to be imortal. ok maybe not, if so we'd have to witness the earth exploding in some billion years. 

Personality Edit

I have an ok life not good not bad. I do the best I can to make other people happy. or i do the best to make them miserable, it depends what they deseve.  Usually, it works. i am not very optimistic, and even pessimistic occasionally, becasue optimists tend to bother me for some reason. 

also i can keep secrets very well. and people can't tell when i'm lying. i am a very good speller and a decent reader. but i loose focus often because i have ADHD

what others think of my personalityEdit

You seem like a nice girl to me! I Am A Superstar!! : ) 01:51, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

We have a lot in common. I don't know you personally, and I don't even have to, to know that you are genuinley a nice person and friend to talk to. I will never forget that day when you were on chat for over 16 hours! That is such dedication and you are funny and we can relate to each other a lot...I am glad that we started talking and I can edit a wiki all about you! I Am A Superstar!! : ) 04:05, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

I think I am gonna edit this every so often. :) Because as every month passes, I learn more and more about you, and i trust you more and more! I am so happy every day that I decided to talk to you that day in january, on PnF wiki about your love, Ferb. ;) ever since then, we got to know each other more and more and trust each other. I love coming on chat after school and telling you about my day, and hearing about yours! I can tell you things I don't tell no one else, not even my own mom, or friends at school, just you! I hope I mean as much to you as you do to me! I do not care about age difference either. Sometimes when I mention you, well my mom does not mind, but sometimes, she says, "Stefanie rememebr though she IS younger then you." OMG...Well I know that and I do consider that sometimes...but a lot of the time I don't have get me more then people my age do! I think for your age, you are more mature in more ways then one and I DO think that is a good thing. I love how I can say anything to you and never have to wonder, "Will she not get this?" "Will she think that's too much to say, or to feel?" Nope, you get it. :) I am so happy we even get to talk on the phone sometimes, and I am SO determined to meet you someday, somehow! I hope we never ever lose contact! We will just have to stay on Wikia for a loong time to come. ;) At least until we can connect on other websites if we want to haha. :) Anywhoo, i was just reading over your lovely page here and I thought it was just about time to edit "what i think of your personality. " ;) Bye Ev talk later! Love ya!! :) "A chew toy!?" "It's NOT a chew toy!!" ~ I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 03:33, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

You're a LifestylistEdit

You're definitely something of a romantic drawn to anything with a sense of the exotic. You have two very clear sides to your personality - you love snuggling up at home but also enjoy the idea of exploring far flung lands where anything can happen.

Creative and imaginative, like to be inspired. Your expressive character means that from an you early age you've loved nothing more than putting personal touches to your space. You have a super relaxed attitude to life. Naturally down-to-earth, you don't believe in sweating the small stuff. Life's for living, with minimum stress and maximum enjoyment and so fun with family and friends is top of the list as far as you're concerned. Food is a definite passion too and you're always up for tantalizing your taste buds. You're a bit of a dreamer at heart. But there's nothing wrong with that. Set your sights high and you'll create the life you deserve.

Fighting armies, dragons and gangsters is an everyday pass time for you, although taking them all on at the same time could prove challenging! Your skills take escapism to another level and satisfaction isn't complete until you can see your name on the leaderboard.

You're open-minded and a positive thinker so when you get the chance to go traveling, you love to head somewhere exotic and off the beaten track. For you, escapism is the ultimate in relaxation - it's the perfect antidote to the stress of everyday life. You love the feel of the sun and sea on your skin so your perfect vacation would definitely include a beach. Even better if it's secluded and luxurious.

At the end of the day, your sense of humor is one of your best qualities. You are naturally friendly and always have something to talk about. You are generous with your emotions and your positivity is contagious.

-wikia quiz

Bronyland Personality Test resultsEdit

As of 6/21/13Edit

I am most like Rainbow Dash.

Full description:

If there's one thing you know you are, it's #1! You tend to be competitive by nature and love to show off your talents at every available moment, but that's often because you've put in a lot of practice to perfect your techniques and want to take pride in your effort. Because of this, you sometimes get a little too proud, fearing competing if you don't feel you can win and getting hotheaded if someone questions your capabilities. You hate losing.

Even though you may be a bit self-centered, you still care deeply for your friends and would stand up for them no matter what. You're deeply loyal to them, even if you may not always show it. Just because they're not as talented as you doesn't mean they're worthless, because you love them for who they are, although you may still joke around and give them a hard time — really, who doesn't like a laugh? You're incredibly brave and will be the first one to volunteer to venture off into the unknown or stand up against an enemy, perhaps letting your impulses get a hold of you before a rational plan is actually thought of.


Evelyn's PPT (Pony personality test) results.

While a lot of ponies may care how they look or concern themselves over what they're doing, you always want to present yourself in the coolest way possible. Whatever someone else is, your goal is to be 20% cooler. Fashion and style are a waste of time to you, because you know that's not what determines how cool a pony is. And if you think dying your hair all of the colors of the rainbow will make you 20% cooler, hey, guess what, because you don't care about appearances, it does.

As of 8/31/13Edit

I am most like Rarity. 

Full description: You have a knack for drama and overexaggerating things, as well as doing whatever you can to keep from getting your hooves dirty. But, putting that aside, you're also very self-conscious about yourself, are generally very polite (unless someone deserves a little of your attitude), and have impecable manners and sense of style.

Just because you delight in being the center of everyone's... (Read more)


Evelyn's 8/31/13 PPT result.

(BTW The description spelled impeccable wrong oh yea I'm awesome)

What I look likeEdit

My favorite color is green. so you might see me wearing green clothes. I like wearing dresses and crocs. I have thick curly red hair and hazel eyes.

people i knowEdit

sam: sam is my brother. sometimes he is friendly sometimes he is not. therefore, i am not alway nice to him. he enjoys playing with my webkinz. i have known him since he was born. he is younger than me. other than that, he is a good brother

brianna: she is with me so often, she is like my sister. she and i are alike. we often agree. she is my bff that lives 3 houses down from me. she is more timid than me. she goes whever i go. she is very behaved in my evelyn and friends club. i always get her a souvenier from my vacations.

tina (mom): tina is my mom. i am typically polite to her. she is very nice to me and house guests and only gets mad when i do something really wrong. she cares for me alot.

matt (dad): i am nice to my dad most othe time. he helps me get over my anxiety problems and he makes our backyard so amazing

cricket: cricket was our pet cat. she slept all the time. no one would adopt her because she had a white spot on her neck. she is kinda boring.

marcey: i love marcey, our pet dog. she is very smart and loves my mom.

tapsule: tapsule is our pet cat. she is very cute and loves to play with me. she also sleeps alot, but is more active than cricket because tapsule is younger.

avery:she likes coming to my house. iv'e been to hers once.

erin: erin is not one of my bffs, but she is my friend.

selena: selena is kind of my friend

kylarae: she is my friend

caroline: i have known her since kindergarten. she is still my friend

kenny: i loooooooooooove him

things i'm good atEdit

there are quite a few skills of mine. i'm a pretty good speller (IM' GOING TO THE SPELLING BEE!!! YAY!!!, (but i got stuck on the word "paralyzed". fudge. ) and i am sometimes creative. i am a fair singer. i used to sing webkinz songs. i can play the viola, but not very well. i don't know how to ride a bike, but i plan to. i am not very observant. i can also swim well. also, i am good at predicting the weather.


  • music
  • pie
  • fish
  • you (hmmm.. depends who uu are)
  • penii XD
  • south park
  • using the computer allll day (especially night >:D)
  • susho *sushi lol
  • kitty katz
  • mcdonalds
  • people who treat me  like i sohuld  be treated
  • jolly rachers
  • food in general lol
  • mario kart
  • the number 16
  • the letter R
  • fanta
  • cheetos
  • wikia
  • rain
  • sapphires 
  • money
  • the color sping green
  • cuss words xD
  • antidisestablishmentarianisms 
  • sugar 
  • pickles/pickle juice
  • Bad chemisty jokes. Why bad? all the good ones Argon.
  • Glee (the show)
  • Malcolm in the Middle (More specifically... nevermind.) 
  • Puns
  • Tumblr
  • School


  • broccoli
  • brussel sprouts
  • one erection direction
  • justin beiber
  • vomit/stomachaches
  • sam
  • being forced to clean
  • basketball
  • hairbrushes (well, i hate their function rather then them themselves)
  • people who dislike me
  • going places
  • my anxiety
  • people in general
  • Spelling/grammar errors. 
  • Homophobes

cool factsEdit

i say belive the evie and you'll het a treshie! alot.

and i say "you owe me a buck".

i love ice cream.

i am right handed

i am bad at math.

i have a crush on someone! (DUH)

on 7/25/12 i was talking to Stefanie abojut relationships (specifically, Bart and Ian...I said Ian looked sad in a photo...-Stefanie (: ) and i made a quote that she said was worthy of putting on my wiki, jhere it is! (typos included!) "sexy peolle always look sexy, even when there in a funk, on rare occasions, ESPECIALLY when there in a funk"