Vital statistics
Age Less than 15
Gender Female
Nationality american, I think. this is a guess.
Height Shorter than me.
Town of birth I dunno
Current location Maryland, but she may have moved???
Occupation Middle schooler, I think. possibly karate student.
Parents Some, but I think they are divorced or something.
Siblings Carmen
Love interests Jack. LOL
Pessimist or optimist? Bases on attitude, PROBABLY the former. I dunno though.

macy is the sister of carmen and kind of a friend of mine. she has a crush on jack and vice-versa.

current lifeEdit

she is typically in my neighborhood on the weekends. i think she is the twin sister of carmen. even thought they do not share a big resemblence. i think i have been to her house once and she and jack were in there basement watching youtube (i'm not allowed to). i rarely see her anymore but i do have a pic of her on my camera.


she is kind of obsessed with karate and is always baiting a fight. i do not like that about her. her is kind of friend with brianna, but not really. she is the same age as us. she have never showed much interest in being me or brianna's friend.

what she looks likeEdit

she has short blonde hair and blue eyes possibly braces.... i don't remember.i do not know what clothes or shoes she likes to wear due to the fact that i haven't seen her in a while.

people she knowsEdit

evelyn and jack

she is kind of a friend of evelyn's and has a romantic interest in jack. i don't know how much they like eachother. she never comes over anymore. she used to come on rare occasions. brianna and evelyn like carmen better because she does not have a competitive personality like macy. she came over my house the longest when i was putting on a karate show for my parent and jack's parents. when evelyn (the sensei) was training them, she got in a huge fight with jack.

cool factsEdit

i'm pretty sure she is a twin with carmen.

jack's cat is also named macy!!

she and jack got into a huge fight at my house over who the first person to karate chop a stick would be. kinda stupid, eh?

yet after the fight they still liked eachother. that happens a lot. they fight but then they are friends again.

actually, i think that was kind of a "show of to eachother" fight. :P