I know I have told a lot of people the story on how I met Evelyn. But I don't know...something about this moment made me want to dedicate yet another page to her on her wiki hahaha. 

I remember one day in late January 2012 (Yes, I have known her for a little over a year now. I am writing this on Jan 31, 2013. If you look at my userpage it says that I have first joined this wiki Jan 31, 2012. So I guess this is like a 1 year aversary on this wiki present! Hahaha!)

Anyways one day in Jan 2012, I was on the Phineas and Ferb chat. I saw someone come in the chat called, "iloveferbmorethenyou16." I was like, "Hmm! Who is this person?" I won't forget when I went to her user page, it said, "I am female lookin' for a hot ferb." LOL! I LOVED how dedicated she was to her crush! (I hope she does not mind me sharing this...I won't tell TOO much hahaha) but I remember when we first started to PM, I asked her about what she thought of Ferb, and I pretended to be Ferb and I used to make up stories about her and him on a date in Danville. :) I think me and her have both changed a LOT, as friends, at school, and just US in general we have both changed a lot!

We started to become friends, and i remember when she told me that her name was Evelyn, i thought that was such a pretty name! I started to telll her a little about me, and I learned that we had more in common then I ever though we would! I trust her now with anything. I can honestly say i have told her things I have not told anyone else! She even knows things that my own mom does not!

I am soo happy that we live close! I mean, it's not like some of me and my other internet friends. We are only about 2 hours and 30 mins away! I really hope to meet her one day, and we both know what our secret word will be, to make sure we are who we say we are! I even had a dream once that for some reason, her, Sam, her dad and her mom were all in a car in a parking lot at Walgreens once and it was like sunset time, like maybe at 6...and I saw her in the car and i said, "Evelyn?" and she said, "Stefanie?" OMG I was soo happy to meet her! YAY!

I don't know wat else to say right now...I can think of more later and add to this! I just think it's coola that I can write something about her on her wiki a year after i first came here! (And no, i did not plan it that way!) LOL!

"A chew toy!?" "It's NOT a chew toy!!" ~ I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 10:13 PM, January 31, 2013 (UTC)