This is odd because the last true story I made was about one of the worst times in my life! Now here is the best! My trip to Mexico! I remember like it was yesterday... I was psyched that morning! We got into the car at 6:00 AM! To go to the airport, I was playing with the Spanish to English translator. I still remember how to say you have big underwear... tu teener grande ropa interior... I probably spelled it wrong. We finally arrived not tired at all. To exited to be tired! A truck thing with a nice driver talked to us while giving us a short drive to the airport entrance. We gave the people our luggage and walked in, I got a filet o fish for breakfast at a nearby in building McDonald's. We sat near the gigantic window watching our airplanes roll around on the launching space. I generally hate long rides to anything, but I love that feeling when you getting ready to go somewhere amazing on a plane!! We borded as me and Sam very excitedly played with webkinz! I was quite frankly very nervous but hiding it.. A little bit of travel anxiety. I wasn't feeling well, but it turned out the issue was that I just had to pee! I did so and felt better! We gave the dude our passports. Just when Sam and I were getting bored, we needed to boarded the plane! We walked down the little thing that leads to the plane (no turning back now >:) not like we wanted to...) I covered my ears because it was a little loud. I walked in grasping my moms arm. My dad was nervous to because he also has anxiety and sometime launching planes make him nauseous. We sat down. EVERY DAY I'M SHUFFLIN'! Sorry I got off topic. We sat down listening to boring safety announcements. Finally we got close to launching, we put our belts on. I sat next to the window (woo hoo!).i jumped out of my seat when the plane started to move and roll around. We were ready to take off!!!! Were were next to launch rolling down the lot. Rolling ... Rolling... Rolling... Suddenly we all felt a jolt! We were in the air!!! I looked out the window with fascination! I needed to pee whitch was odd considering I already did 20 mins. ago. I think I just wanted to pee in an airplane! I unbuckled and mom showed me the bathroom. I peed and flushed. Why do airplane toilets flush so loud?!?! I washed my hands in the water that said no drinking. I'm pretty sure bathroom water upon airplanes is poisonous. But hopefully not when you asked those airplane waiters for some like I did next! I also got pretzels and whatever mom packed. We got bored of the 4 hour plane ride quickly. All of us almost fell asleep, but mom and dad did and Sam did briefly. I'm not the sleeping on planes or cars type.

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guess what! Guess what! We got off 15 mins early just as my ears were starting to hurt really badly. We got off, did some other boring stuff including going pee again and we went outside HELLO MEXICO! sooooo hotttt..... We got on a taxi before I got all sweaty. And....... Surprise!!! Wow the water between the buildings was so light aqua green! The reason it's my favorite color. But not green like the beaches the people at my beach go to. Light translucent greenish blue! We drove a kinda long drive to our hotel.their was a dude on a motorcycle with pizzas! Yummy! We entered and walked into the lobby. Whoa! Fancy! It had WiFi to! We got guided to our rooms! Outside there was a pretty waterfall! Wow, we were walking on the bridges above a small cenote, which is a Spanish term for a cave filled with a water or an underground lake, sometimes with a waterfall running into it. We had our room, which was VERY small. But, I still liked it. We had a balcony in which you could see the beach from very little. It was bedtime soon, so we decided we'd hit the beach tomorrow. We went to bed and ate the remaining snacks. I had a HORRIBLE sleep. Up till midnight because Sam hogged all the bed. He has no scruples. Soon after I fell off the bed and slept on the floor. I GOT THE MOVES LIKE JAGGER! I GOT MOOOOOOOOOOOOVES LIKE JAGGER! Sorry, listening to to much 106.5.... next morning I was up on the balcony at 6 am. Weird cuz I got to sleep so late, but that is totally normal for me! When not in my normal bed, I wake up really early... Mom dad and Sam got used to waking up normally and seeing me wide awake and walking upon the balcony. I finally noticed my mom and Sam were awake! I told her I wanted to go outside and she sent me and Sam outside with a pack of breakfast mix to feed agouties with (agouties are like Mexican squirrels, you'll see them everywhere). After feeding them, mom noticed our room was very mundane. a little TOO mundane. No TV! Mom paid for a bigger room! We got moved to a bigger room closer to the beach! Which is where we headed next, right after we went to the free ice cream bar! We paid all inclusive, so we got free awesome little ice cream cones! They tasted so good! I ate 2. I could've gotten in like, 5 since they were small, but I didn't want a cramp. We got in our bathing suits and went down. And I had snorkel gear! First we were mesmorized by the beautiful tranquil palm trees. We slowly walked into the placid pool. It was unreal.. I'm finally where I deserve to be! I walked up to the drink bar in the pool. (no I'm not drinking alcohol!) I got I think it was a strawberry daiquiri. It was so good! I drank it and put on my mask and started to do underwater flips and I can do 'em really fast. We soon got out and ventured towards the beach and swam in the best ocean ever. I will never forget what it feels like. In a big bucket of heaven water if you know what I mean. I could see everything crystal clear through the undulating waves. It was a fun day, overall today we spent 90% of our time at the beach. We ate dinner at an awesome buffet! I had alfredo noodles!!! We soon after went to bed. We had little card called a key we used to unlock our room. It said something about xcaret on it. (pronounced eshcaray). We went to bed, but before that we drank some free soda (fanta!!!!!!!!! Yum!!!!!) that they provided us with! We watched some cartoon network (the only kid station on).Mom put a pillow divider between Sam and I so I could actually sleep. Next morning... We're going to the playa del Carmen city! You see, playa del Carmen is the area we were in. Playa del Carmen is near cancun. cancun is in quintana roo. quintana roo in in the Yucatan peninsula. The Yucatan peninsula is that chunk of Mexican lang hangin' in the gulf of Mexico. It's like Mexico Florida. It's in the gulf of Mexico, next to the tip do give you an idea of where we are. Next to cozumel. You probably don't know where that is. Whatever. The point is that we're going to the city. We went there later in the day. In the meantime we were on the beach,eating breakfast, buying cheddar chex mix an watching an agouti nurse a baby agouti! awww! How cute! So we went to the city! We obviously didn't have our car, so we had to walk. On the way, we saw a small ruin. We climbed up it and mom put her hand in some agouti poop!!! LOL. And Sam cracked open a coconut on his own! That was really tough. We finally arrived! We watched the streetside people sell stuff, and we ate dinner, but I started to panic for no reason. I didn't eat much. We sat on swings. So mom got me a soda, and said it was good for my blood sugar. I drank some and felt better! Then we went souvenir shopping. I bought a Christmas tree decoration even though it was in April and may... And (drumroll please,) more cheddar chex mix! Yummy!!! We soon headed home because it was dark, well right after we got glowsticks, balloon animals,and ice cream. We were kinda pooped after that. But tomorrow is an awesome day! You'll see. We walked home and hopped in bed. And watched TV. Tomorrow I will do many things I have never done before, I just don't know it yet. The next day, mom and dad were actually up before me! We were going SOMEWHERE!!! I didn't wanna go, cuz I never like to go places. But... I had to. Mom made me get dressed and all that. Went to the front
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this is a birds eye view of my resort in mexico, the beach and all i found ti on the radar and took a screenshot!

entrance of the reef (the resort) an a car picked us up. I asked mom how long the ride was gonna take. It took about 45 mins. There was a Canadian couple in there, no kids but quite nice. Our guide was named quetzal. He lived in Mexico, so there was an American family, an Canadian family, and a Mexican dude. We drove somewhere,we peed, went to a park. We stopped there. We hiked around... It was a hot day. We walked around and saw a huge beautiful lake with a line above it. Quetzal said we were going to go ziplining. My tummy jumped cuz I didn't wanna do that. Sam and mom got ready to, but I was a coward! I laid down on a hammock instead. By the time everyone had a turn on the zipline, TWICE... We moved along. After that we went down to a little lake. We ate something, and tested out our snorkel gear! It was so fun! We kept swimming around and my mom jumped of a mini cliff into the water! We soon left to drive off somewhere else. We went to a giant cenote! I saw a really big snake, too. We got on our stuff (me and Sam got life jackets cuz we can't swim that well). We started to swim and it was BEAUTIFUL in there. Wow. The fish were so pretty! Eventually I think I was having hypothermia cuz I got so cold my swimmer arms and legs became "dysfunctional", so I sat down at the surface and let a wasp chase me. We got out and peed and went to lunch, we were going to swim with sea turtles, but apparently the waves were too rough. I got coconut shrimp! It was a beach side restaurant, so we picked up seashells and asked some people how much there boats costed while we were waiting for our food. We ate and then, we went to see monkeys! We got out of the car and went up to the monkey room. It was so cool! We sat down and hand fed the monkeys. But not luna. She is crazy. We laid down and a monkey laid on me! By the time it was time to get up, dad was almost asleep with a monkey on his neck! ​we got up, but she was still on dad's neck! It was funny, because the monkey wouldn't let go. We had to pull her off. While everyone else was learning about monkeys, Sam and I pet stray cats. They were cute! Then we headed away, to our last destination, a lagoon for more snorkeling! We saw soo many beautiful fish in his one, it made me hungry, but they were so quick and I couldn't even touch em' ! We soon left, very upset, from such a fun day. I found a 10 peso coin, and quetzal let me have it! Also the Canadian couple gave me a Canadian coin! We got home and were pooped. We uploaded all the film we got, went back, went swimming, got dinner at the bar, and went to bed! Next day, we went somewhere again! We were goin swimming with dolphins! We went there and went into the pool after a long time of waiting. We got user to the dolphins! It was so fun! im even got a chance to ride one and it kissed me! I got on a boogie bored and it pushed my feet with it's nose! I can't seem to remember all of the details though... Oh well, but when we got back to our room, I noticed my butt was kinda itchy! We got home and looked in the mirror, my butt was red and itchy all over! there were red bumps all over! It resembles Stonehenge in a way! Either I was having an allergic reaction or there was something weird in the dolphin water. But the next day was the day off doom! We had to leave! I woke up the next day and started to cry. I REALLY didn't wanna go back home. But we backed up and went to the breakfast bar. I ate veery little as we got ready go. We got in to the truck and drove away to the airport. It was a sad trip back to Georgia. Wait, did I say Georgia? Oh wait, it was a 2 round trip. (I live in Maryland) so we stopped in Georgia, but I got afraid as it started to rain as we borded our last plain. I could just be being a scaredy cat, but storms and flying in a plain don't mix. We we fin the first hour, but in the remaining 15 mins, it got REALLY turbulent. I got scared, and nauseous. Like it was a rollercoaster, it went up... Up... Up.... AND THEN DROPPED DOWN!!! It did that a lot. I felt kinda like regurgitating, but I drank some cold water, and felt better immediately! I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, (using my meditation skills here) and pretended I was on some sort of relaxing ride. Soon, we were back to our local airport. We were driving home at about 3:00 AM, so we didn't bother going to school the next day. (coincidentally, we came back on Brianna's birthday) I was very sad that we were back at boring home, but to conclude, my friends, this its the story of the best time in my life.