OK so I was just in my room, reading a diary I used to write in. The entry is from when I was 11 years old, and there was a loose piece of paper ripped out in it. On the one side, I had singers names written down, including Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, etc. But then I turned it over, and there's only ONE thing written on it: Evelyn. I can tell by the handwriting I wrote it several years ago, I don't even REMEMBER writing it! It's soo mysterious! I don't know who the "evelyn" IS...but it's just that name and nothing else! I was like, "Holy $#@! how did THAT get there?" So I took a picture of it and now put it on here. I have no idea why it's there...but WOW it just amazed me! What do you think? :o Thanks! :)

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E paper IMG 3423

The evidence :p