Part 1Edit

Once upon a time not so many years in the future, Chuck Norris fought fight zombie unicorn french fries with a textbook and then he got out his $6000000000000000000000000 phone and called Hannah Montana and told her to bring her hair, so then, Hannah Montana flew over to Chuck's orange RV that had a giant unicorn on top and so then Hannah dropped of her hair/wig and Abe put it in his pocket. Then he coughed up a hairball that had message that said "U mad?". A confused Chuck the decided to go to his bed and his bed then started screaming so then Beyonce came out of nowhere and said "I love you." then Chuck fell asleep.
Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris' orange RV.

Part 2Edit

The next morning Mr. Norris decided to go to the park in his orange RV. There, Kenny McCormick was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend, Evelyn. This warmed Chuck's heart so he then decided to get some cake pops at Starbucks. At Starbucks, a zombie unicorn french fry showed up and stole one of Chuck's cake pops. Was he mad! He then Roundhouse Kicked the zombie unicorn french fry and he then became a bunch of stars. An hour later, he knew something was wrong when Kenny started to run to him.

Part 3Edit

Kenny told Chuck that he lost the ring that he was going to give to Evelyn, Kenny suggested that someone had stole it. Chuck then knew who stole it: Mr. Monkey! Chuck then marched over to Mr. Monkey's house and yelled "What have you done with Kenny's ring!?" and Mr. Monkey laughed an evil-but girly-laugh. Chuck then Roundhouse Kicked him so hard that he exploded. He then took the ring.

The ring that Kenny proposed to Evelyn with.

Part 4Edit

Kenny then thanked Chuck for getting his ring back. Kenny proposed to Evelyn and of course she said yes. Chuck Norris still stayed totally awesome and Kenny and Evelyn lived happily ever after.